Epsom living at the gateway of Cornwall Park

A private sanctuary for the ceremonies of everyday life

Choose your outlook to the leafy avenues of Epsom and Mount Eden beyond, or the green views over Campbell Crescent.

Designed by award-winning architects Jasmax, and delivered by experienced developers Lamont & Co, Symphony303 is an exclusive collection of homes rising above the leafy streets of Epsom. The architecture considers the idea of homes as a sanctuary, creating a place of respite from our fast-paced urban lives with inviting interiors and thoughtful materiality.

Symphony303 welcomes residents home with a grand double-height entrance lobby while each apartment's considered interiors offer space to reflect on the day. Apartments overlooking Manukau Road’s heritage bungalows and green spaces of Cornwall Park capture the morning light as it appears over Maungakiekie, One Tree Hill. The sheltered north and west-facing apartments welcome the afternoon sun with spacious balconies and views out across the established leafy suburb of Epsom towards Maungawhau, Mt Eden.

Large three bedroom homes capture the north-west sun through expansive balcony spaces through to the living and kitchen

Living spaces look out over the established canopy of a heritage suburb across to Maungawhau, Mt Eden

Homes facing Manukau Road are designed for an urban environment, sitting upon a concrete podium that connects the building with it's heritage neighbours while the upper levels rise above Epsom in a cladding that is fresh and light. Inset balconies provide added privacy for residents, and pitched ceilings on the the top level create light, open living spaces.

Bedrooms feature a curved wall to bend light and fill the space

Bathrooms are treated with material that celebrate the ceremony of the space. Use the slider to see which scheme you prefer

Select top floor apartments feature a pitched ceiling, inviting light into the living space. Use the slider to see which scheme you prefer

Thoughtful materiality

Spaces are brought to life through refined details, natural materials and textures that create a sense of raw elegance. A conversation is created between contrasting materials, the hard and soft, smooth and rough, warm and cool with each material and finish elevating each other. Choose from two finishes palettes to complete your home at Symphony303, Spring or Autumn, inspired by the character atmosphere of the rich, natural colours of Epsom.

Exterior balcony finishes


This palette is light, fresh and warm. Golden timber is elegant and calming. Warm grey stone with subtle hints of green creates a natural feeling that is full of life.


This palette is rich, moody and immersive with dark timber contrasting a cool grey stone. Brass detailing complements organic textures that bring everyday luxury to life.